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At the given rate, averaging 1 new signup per day to our list and needing 3000 names on our email list before we pursue crowdfunding to pay for a print run for 61 Down the Highway, I figure (and my math skills are a bit rusty here) it is going to take 7 years 318 days to get the necessary names. If this hold true, our current plans are to launch our KickStarter Campaign on September 12, 2027. That’s a Sunday, by the way. I asked Alexa. Her math and calendar skills are quite sharp.

Now don’t hold us to that date as there are several factors that should be taken into account. Of course there is the fact that as the number in our list increases daily, they, you, us, we, them (that is OUR CROWD) will be getting older… Daily!  I don’t want to (read that as “can’t) figure the attrition rate of an as yet undisclosed group. I am not an actuary, nor do I know anyone in the field of actuarial science.  From this perspective our pursuit looks a bit grim… I mean even if I beat the odds and am still around, my crayons will only be nubs. Even the plum colored one.

So what I’m saying here is, we gotta pick up the pace if we can expect to pull this thing off. Don’t get me wrong. You guys and gals have been doing all that I’ve asked of you (many of you at heroic levels). You are quite adept at sharing. I’m honored to have you on our team. I am continuing to prepare more rewards for you all. But we have much more sharing than joining. It’s a sign of the times.

Okay, I low balled you on the signup rate. It is averaging more than 1 a day, but we are far from being in shape for a KickStarter Campaign before Christmas. I have read quite a bit lately (and watched several YouTube videos) looking for that secret sauce that attracts and captures huge audiences. There is quite a bit there, and it all looks like it could work, but there is a bit of Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence. To my eye, it “ain’t quite honest.” 

So, I am going to take it slow and share bits of our story along the way.  I hope it will be a rewarding journey and Quest. Invite folks to come along for the ride and let them know about the songs and stuff they will be getting. And let me know what you think and what things you would like to see and hear.

The join our list link is:  Share it, and use it if you haven’t already joined up.

Thanks for all your help and have a safe Halloween. It’s Plum Scary

When you join our list you will immediately be able to download a sample from 61 Down the Highway and an MP3 of the song M & O Blues recorded live atop a railroad car alongside Highway 61 south of Coahoma, Mississippi.

Frank Thomas

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