Eddie Thomas in 1998, Atop a Tanker Car Just South of Cahoma, Mississippi

First Day Delta Recording

The Brothers Thomas recorded Willie Brown’s classic M & O Blues along side US Highway 61 on October 9, 1998. Their Musical Odyssey would last 3 years. This is just one of 61 on location recordings documented in the book 61 Down the Highway. The Train excerpt from the book and the recording of M & O Blues are ready for you NOW. Join their list. Help Eddie and Frank spread the word about their Kickstarter Campaign. And download your REWARDS NOW. JOIN THEM.

61 Down the Highway
This Book IS a Musical Adventure

Kickstarter – 61 Down the Highway

So what is 61 Down the Highway? — It is a 240 page FULL COLOR BOOK, a behind the scenes journal that shares the making of Angels on the Backroads, and will be the centerpiece of our FALL KickStarter Campaign.

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FIRST we need 3000 names on our email list to be collected in just under a month. Currently we have 100. — What this number means is that you are here at the very beginning of the campaign. You can help us fashion it. — Please JOIN US?

Frank and Eddie Thomas
At the Crossroads

Last Day Delta Recording

The Delta… It’s a different kind of place… Flat… a rich land populated by folks with a rich history, hard with work.  The people here when the blues was being born, the people were tied to THIS land, and yet they were looking for their future in OTHER lands.

Before Taking This Journey

…you should know that it started on October 9, 1998 and ended August 15, 2001. That was 18 years ago. This is 2019.

When Frank and I completed this three-year recording adventure in 2001, Frank began mixing the musical tracks for our Angels on the Backroads 4CD box set. I wrote this journal and combined it with photos we took along the way. We printed one copy on our color printer and attached the pages with a spiral binding.

The Angels on the Backroads CD box set led to return trips to our recording locations along Highway 61 to shoot video which led to a multimedia stage show which led to musical tours in both the US and UK. The book was set aside, misplaced, lost, found, forgotten, occasionally stumbled across and reread only to be set aside again and buried under stacks of paper and 17 years. The last time it resurfaced, we decided to print it before we lost it again.

Manuscripts are not like wine. They only get dusty with age. Still, we left 61 Down the Highway untouched from the way we bottled it in 2001. It seemed to have a nice bouquet. Hope you find it tasty.

Eddie Thomas

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