Our BUSINESS Overview

The Three Websites Below… offer an overview of our musical history work and performances over the course of the last two decades.

THE BOOMER YEARS was created in 2017 to promote Public and School Performances

EDDIE AND FRANK (created in 2011) promotes our original music and UK tours

ANGELS ON THE BACKROADS (created in 2002) is the Fountainhead for 61 Down the Highway

The Boomer Years

The BOOMER Years


Remembering the Future…

“We are all TEACHERS. We are all STUDENTS. We are all SPONSORS. Realizing this Truth enriches lives and makes our world complete.”


This was a Musical History Field trip for Students near Iuka, Mississippi/USA. This website shows some of what we performed for students over the course of 2 years.

There’s a lot to see here. If you visit, take your time, look around, and drop us a line.


Eddie and Frank Thomas

This is our Music Website. The homepage takes another look at our BOOMER YEARS show which ran (on and off) over the course of 3 years from the Fall of 2016 – Spring of 2019.


This site has MUSIC Clips and videos of our original music as well as clips from the Angels on the Backroads Multimedia performances to 50 Mississippi Delta High Schools (25,000 students) and 50 UK venues from 2004 through 2007.

Angels on the Backroads

Angels on the Backroads

Angels on the Backroads looks at the origins of american country blues and jazz along US highway 61 from Memphis, Tennessee down to New Orleans, Louisiana. This Musical Odyssey of Eddie and Frank Thomas was released as a 4 CD box set in the fall of 2002. National Public Radio aired a 17 minute piece on the Brothers quest, ending with Eddie’s haunting guitar solo of Sweet Hour of Prayer, performed in the choir loft of the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans.


This Quest by the brothers is documented in 61 Down the Highway which is the focus of our Kickstarter Campaign.

Probably most of what is worth knowing and/or forgetting about Eddie and Frank Thomas, is lurking here.

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